Size: 8 oz/ 227 gm

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This ingredients is great in:Deodorant Sticks • Body cream • Body butters • Lip balm • Facial cream • Stretch mark creams • Hand sanitizers • Roll-on deodorants • Foot creams and more. 

INCI: Glyceryl Laurate

Glyceryl laurate is a unique, multifunctional compound made from lauric acid obtained from sustainable plant sources. When compared with standard “monoglycerides,” glyceryl laurate has multiple positive characteristics not typically found in a single product and offers elegance and utility to personal care and pharmaceutical products.

In formulating, effective use levels can range between 0.1% and 5.0%, depending upon the application. It should be added to a formulation so that it does not receive severe heating for prolonged periods. It can be dispersed in water and dissolved in oil.

Melting point: Approx. 59°C - 60°C

COSMOS Approved NSF®/ANSI 305-2012 Whole Foods Premium Body Care™

1,4 - Dioxane-free • 100% naturally-derived and nontoxic • Co-emulsifier • Emollient • Antimicrobial • Shown to inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi/yeast

• Provide strong self-preservation activity • Promotes the penetration of actives through the skin • Co-emulsifier with other surfactants • Enhances the aesthetics of formulations with excellent rub-out • Creates superior stability in emulsions of all types

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