Size: Kit 1

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This kit is super easy peasy set up in 3 easy steps! 

You get the following in the kit: 1 makes 454 gram batch which will give you 6 bottles and enough mix to make 54 (minimum but may make more) Eco Foaming Hand Wash Tablets. The price allows for you to make plenty of profit. You get a discount on the bottles buying then in the kit and you do not have to measure a single ingredient but fragrance!  

Kit 2 includes 2 sets of ingredients to make 454 gram  batches. You also get a small discount on the ingredients and bottles buying the 12 bottle kit. 

Step 1 Baking Soda, Triple the bubbles, EDTA, and DL Panthenol

Step 2 Isopropyl Alcohol, Optiphen ND (you add fragrance oil)

Step 3 Citric Acid

Full instructions and formulation/recipe will be included but rest assured you do not need to measure anything but the Fragrance you want to add (fragrance oil is suggested as Essential Oil will fade quickly). You can watch the YouTube video on how the kit is made. 

All you have to do is add fragrance and press! (press not included)

Items you will need to provide, mixing bowl (kitchen aid mixer if possible but may be mixed by hand), 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon, and wax paper to dry the tabs on. 

You can buy these ingredients separate but why when you can make these so quickly and have them ready in a day to sell or for your home! These make great gifts also!