Size: 9.9 oz/281.23 gm

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Due to the shortage in Euxyl Preservative we are not able to offer this base. 


Wanting to save time and money...pickup our quick and easy base to make amazing deodorant, room, car, gym bag, closet, stinky shoe and more sprays!

Make clear sprays using this easy base. The base includes: Colaquat SME, Poly Sugamulse D9, and Euxyl PE 9010. 

Just add your fragrance then water and bam you have a wonderful clear spray! 

9.9 oz/281.23 gm makes 128 oz net wt / 1 Gallon Spray / 3.92 kg

19.8 oz/562.46 gm makes 256 oz net wt / 2 Gallon spray  / 6.59 kg

39.6 oz makes / 1.13 kg makes 512 oz / 4 gallons spray / 14.15 kg

1 Gallon/ 158.4 oz/ 4.52 kg makes 16 gallons sprays / 58.06 kg

Download the free cheat sheet and excel formulation sheet with these links: