Size: 8 oz net wt

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Stearic acid is vegetable based (not sure if coconut or palm based). 


Our triple pressed stearic acid uses include the manufacture of:

  • Candles: Many fatty acids, including triple pressed stearic acid, are used in the art of candle-making, which helps the wax harden and keeps the candle shape.
  • Cosmetics: Stearic acid's stabilizing quality makes foundation and concealer consistent in application.
  • Buffing compounds: Triple pressed stearic acid acts as a binder and thickener.
  • Creams and lotions: Triple pressed stearic acid is an emulsifier, so it helps with the stability of creams and lotions.
  • Detergents and liquid or dry soaps: Triple pressed stearic acid is the base stock for these products — a surfactant to wash away dirt and oil.
  • Shaving cream: Triple pressed stearic acid keeps the shaving cream ingredients together and locks moisture into the skin.
  • Body wash: In soap bars, triple pressed stearic acid works to stabilize, harden and bind the product. As a surfactant, it also helps wash off dirt and oil.
  • Hair care: As an emulsifier, triple pressed stearic acid will help keep the water and oil components of hair products together.
  • Fragrances: Triple pressed stearic acid is a common ingredient in perfumes.


    Using triple pressed stearic acid will provide many benefits. It:

    • Softens skin: It draws moisture into the skin, keeping it hydrated and soft.
    • Protects the skin barrier: Triple pressed stearic acid will restore any weaknesses in the skin barrier and reduce water loss.
    • Provides lather: This ingredient lathers well in soaps and body washes.
    • Adds a pearl quality: Triple pressed stearic acid brings a pearl look to lotions and creams. Stearic acid esters, along with ethylene glycol, glycol stearate and glycol distearate can also create a pearl quality in shampoos and soaps.
    • Stabilizes formulas: In products that have a mixture of oil and water, triple pressed stearic acid will help prevent particles from separating so that the formula is cohesive.
    • Thickens and hardens products: Triple pressed stearic acid makes product formulas hard and thick, so they can retain their shape.