Deuce Spray Base

Deuce Spray Base

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Just like that other “poo” spray but better! Naturally based odor neutralizer and other great natural ingredients make this spray great to use before that #2! Just add water and fragrance be it essential oils or fragrance oils this spray works like a charm!

Spray 5-7 shots right into the bowl before you drop a deuce and your family and friends will never know! 

3 sizes available for purchase: 

16 oz makes 5 “48 ounce batches” or 12 4 oz bottles  

60 oz makes 18 “48 ounce batches” or 216 4 oz bottles 

1 gallon 119 oz makes 36 “48 ounce batches” or 432 4 oz bottles.

Directions: Put 93 grams/3.25 oz. of base  I like to put 10g. of fragrance or essential oils which depending on weight can be .5-.75% you can put up to 1.5% fragrance. So weigh your fragrance then mix together, then add water 1250g - 1320g range depending on % of fragrance you use. 

If you are formulating a new batch size the base is used at a 6.75% of total batch. Email us if you have questions. 




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