Deuce Spray Base

Deuce Spray Base

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Due to the time it is taking to get Daikon Seed Oil we are not going to be offering the Deuce Base. You can order Daikon Seed Oil at other suppliers and utilize our recipe below. 


3% Daikon Seed Extract (Oil)

3% Odor Neutralizer liquid

.75 % Euxyl PE 9010 or other preservative. 

Just like that other “poo” spray but better! Naturally based odor neutralizer and other great natural ingredients make this spray great to use before that #2! Just add water and fragrance be it essential oils or fragrance oils this spray works like a charm!

Spray 5-7 shots right into the bowl before you drop a deuce and your family and friends will never know! 

3 sizes available for purchase: 

16 oz makes 5 “48 ounce batches” or 12 4 oz bottles  

60 oz makes 18 “48 ounce batches” or 216 4 oz bottles 

1 gallon 119 oz makes 36 “48 ounce batches” or 432 4 oz bottles.

Directions: Put 93 grams/3.25 oz. of base  I like to put 10g. of fragrance or essential oils which depending on weight can be .5-.75% you can put up to 1.5% fragrance. So weigh your fragrance then mix together, then add water 1250g - 1320g range depending on % of fragrance you use. 

If you are formulating a new batch size the base is used at a 6.75% of total batch. Email us if you have questions. 




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