Introducing Odor Neutralizing Spray Kits

Written by Cheryl Mitchell


Posted on July 07 2018

Are you wanting to add a new product to your already amazing business??? Well we have that product for you! After launching the book, and teaching some classes I have been asked to offer kits in our amazing Odor Neutralizing base! All you have to do is pour, add fragrance, Water and put into a bottle! I know how easy does it get...I'll tell you super easy!

Find our kits here:

You can get a 12 bottle kit with one fragrance option for $29.00 with a profitability of $67.00 at $8 a bottle retail and $91.00 at $10 a bottle depending on your target market!

The 24 bottle kit with 2 fragrances option is $56.00 with a profitability of $136.00 at $8.00 and $184.00 at $10.00 retail.

The 36 bottle kit with 3 fragrances option is $81.00 with a profitability of $207.00 at $8.00 and $279.00 at $10.00 retail.

You can also use your own fragrance if you have a best seller you want to use!!! Now get out there and start offering a naturally based deodorant spray that actually works!

Also Be one of the first to start offering these amazing sprays and bring something new to your market and clients!

Check out more videos and you can also buy my book here if you are wanting to make bigger batches and formulate your own sprays!

Expand your already great business by offering a naturally based Deodorant Spray that can be marketed in so many different ways! Kit is a great for a beginner to an advanced maker with limited time to get a product on the shelf! Kit includes: ready made odor neutralizing base Fragrance or Essential Oil 4 oz amber bottles and black spray tops 2 sheets of labels ready for you to print your logo and information printed instructions gloves Makes: "12" 4 oz net wt. Bottles Approx: 30 minutes Suggested Retail: $8-$10 each

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