Daily Essential Oil Blend #9 Thieves Blend and Hand Sanitizer

Written by Cheryl Mitchell


Posted on September 11 2018

With Cold and Flu season around the corner an amazing blend that I make is a replica to the Young Living Thieves Blend. I call it Cleanse! One way I like to use it is in a hand sanitizer! I know you are asking how does this help me? Well, the essential oils are pretty much a anti-everything blend. It is going to help clear the air in the home being used in a diffuser. You can add this blend to vinegar or even water and use as a spray cleaner. My favorite way is in aloe vera gel (I like to use Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel) Like this one if I don't have time to make my own.   The following blend is great but can also be a bit harsh on the skin. So dilute dilute dilute and be safe with any type of Essential Oil usage! 

Check back tomorrow for a kids safe blend! 

We do not advocate usage of this recipe on babies, toddlers, or children.



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